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Shopping of Nepal

Shopping of Nepal

Shopping in Nepal


Thanka is a kind of art or painting on cotton canvas mostly explaining about Buddhist life circle about life and death. Even there is the use of mud, stone and gold telling the strory about Mandala, Wheel of Life, Buddha’s life and biography of deities. People keep Thanka in home/monastery to get peace, meditation, wisdom and emancipation.


Shopping pashmina in Nepal might be tricky for tourists. Pashmina is a kind of wool made up of hairs of mountain goats. It is the softest, weightless, and finest natural shawls extracted from the inner coats of the mountain goats, locally called “Chyangra”. Pashmina wool is only from the undercoat of throat and chest of the animal. Water Pashmina is a special, and highly luxurious. In winter season, it gives your warm and temperate. Generally, women uses these shawls in parties, celebrations and functions.


Khukuri is Nepalese national knife and icon of Nepal with inwardly curved blade. Traditionally, it is dreadful weapon of Gurkhas and it also symbolizes the bravery of nation. Moreover, It is a typical weapon of Nepalese Army, Royal Gorkhas army of British Army, Gorkha regiments of Indian Army and Gorkha regiment throughout the world. People also keep khukuri in home as national icon of country. English people refer to the weapon as “Gurkha Blade” or “Gurkha Knife”. When Gorkha king Prithivi Narayan Saha constructed reunification of the whole country Nepal, he used khukuri during the period of war. So, it is very popular weapon of Nepal.


Carpet is also made up of mountain goat wool, silk and cutton which are used for ground furnishing. Carpets are found Tibetan, Pakistani, kashmiri and modern Nepali design. Carpet in Nepal is famous of Tibetan designs. Refugees from Tibet migrated from Tibet and carved different designs of Carpet. Without a doubt, it is handmade, environment friendly, fashionable and rich for home/flat decoration or ground furnishing. Nepali Carpets are made up of highest quality fleece wool imported from Tibet which is available in both natural dyes and synthetic dyes with 80 and 100 knots per square inch.