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National Symbols of Nepal

National Symbols of Nepal

National Flag

The national flag of Nepal is also one of the national symbols of Nepal which is in red color with blue border with triangular shape. Nepal is the only one country in the world with triangular shape of flag. Upper part has white moon and lower part has white 12 pointed suns.

The red color represents rhododendron which is the national flower of Nepal. Red is the symbol of victory in the war. The blue border symbolizes the peace and harmony. The two right triangles symbolize the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal as well as two big religions Hinduism and Buddhism. The moon is the symbol of cool and best weather in the Himalayas where as sun represents the heat and high temperature of southern part of Nepal. Nepal will be in the earth as long as moon and sun are in the sky. The flag was implemented with the formation of new constitutional government on December 16, 1962. The shape of flag symbolizes the Nepalese pagoda.

National Bird and Animal of Nepal

The national bird of Nepal is Danfe also called Himalayan Monal or Lophophorus. Danfe lives in high Himalayan part of Nepal. In summer season, they live in Rocky Mountains, grass covered meadows and mixed grass forest in winter. The male Danfes are are in beautiful colors of purple, red, green and blue. The underparts and breast is black. The females are less clever than males but attractive. It is very nice when Danfe performs dance stretching wings.
The national animal of Nepal is cow which plays an important symbolic role in Hindu religion. Once a year in every October, Hindu people worship to cow as sacred animal. Hindu people never kill cow because after death Cow helps them to cross the Baitarni River to go heaven.

National Flower of Nepal

Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal found in hill region of Nepal above 13oo meter which is also one of the the national symbols of Nepal. It blooms in the spring season of March, April and May, paints the hill red, pink and white also decorates the forest with its natural beauty. There are more than 30 spices of rhododendron in Nepal, with dozen of verities in all sizes and colors. Rhododendron (Lali Guras) in Nepali is the most famous and beautiful among all spices. Mostly these flowers are founded in Langtang National Park, Makalubarun National Park, Upper Tamur River Valley and Ghorepani/Ghandruk trekking trail of Annapurna.

National Government Logo of Nepal

The national logo of Nepal has top of the world (Mt. Everest) which symbolize identity in the world. Green hills are the hilly region of Nepal where Yellow color symbolizes the fertile Land of Tarai region. The joining hands between males and females symbolize the gender equality and the garland of rhododendron is national flower of Nepal. In the bottom there is a national motto in Sanskrit language which says “Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven”.

National Anthem of Nepal

Hundred flowers one garland we all Nepali
Sovereign spread all-across Mechi Mahakali

Hundred flowers one garland we all Nepali
Sovereign spread all-across Mechi Mahakali

Rich as richest in natural resources and beauty
Free and invincible by the blood of the braveries

Knowledge land, peace land Tarai, Pahad, Himal
United this our loving mother land Nepal

Multi-culture, language, religion, people Nepal greater
Always front of our nation, jay jay Nepal.