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Foods of Nepal

Foods of Nepal

Nepali food is different from one place to another and one ethnic group to another. Nepali food is popular for its nutrition and gorgeous taste. Let see some of the popular dishes of Nepal.

  • Nepali Thali (Dal, Bhat & Tarkari):
    Nepali Thali (Dal, Bhat & Tarkati) is regular and typical food of Nepal. Nepali people eat two times this food, morning time at 10 o’clock and night time at 8 o’clock. Bhat is cooked rice, Dal is pulses and Tarkari is cooked vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage and cauliflowers. They also eat Achar (pickle), Yogurt, and Ghee. Some of Nepali people eat Dal Bhat with Roti (chapatti) also.
  • Dhido:
    Nepali food “Dhido” is most famous in rural area of Nepal which is made up from corn, wheat and millet flour. This is also known as energetic food of Nepal. This food is cooked mixture of flour in boiled water with continue thrilling. Nepali people also eat Dhido with gungruk (dried vegetables).
  • Momo:
    Momo is also popular food of Nepal. Normally this food is eaten in city areas rather than rural areas. Nepali people eat momo in lunch time which is available in hotels and restaurants. Momo is the dumpling filled with vegetable or meat. There are chicken momo, buff momo, and vegetable momo with spicy chatni.
  • Sel Roti:
    Sel Roti is another popular food of Nepal which is cooked in festival of lights/Sister-Brother festival, marriage ceremonies and parties. Sel Roti is rounded made up from Rice Flour, water, Sugar, Oil and Ghee. Nowadays even people cook Sel Roti in normal days and they eat with tea/coffee also.
  • Kheer/ Rice Pudding:
    Kheer is the sweet and delicious food of Nepal which is cooked in parties and ceremonies. People cook kheer with rice, dried fruits, cinnamon powder with boil milk. In rural areas children are eager to eat Kheer. Kher is also eaten in the ceremony of funeral.
  • Vegetable Thukpa:
    Vegetable Thukpa is normally eaten by Buddhist/Tibetan people. This food is popular in Tibetan New Year celebration of “Loshar”. This food is made up from water, noodles, vegetables salt and pepper. In winter season, people eat this food.
  • Masu:
    Masu is curried, fried or spiced meat of chicken, mutton, buffalo and pork with gravy. People eat masu with rice which is main dish of Nepali food.


  • Rakshi:
    Rakshi is the distilled alcoholic drink of Nepal. It is made up from Kodo (millet), rice, wheat and barley. Kodo is considered one of the nutritious grains used to make verities of Nepali delicates. Raksi is the strapping on nose sends burning sensation straight down to throat. In Nepal, higher caste families do not drink Rakshi. Rakshi is drunk by lower caste families. In rural areas, people drink Rakshi in parties and religious ceremonies. Raksi which made from millet is popular in Nepal. Millet or Kodo is harvested in hill areas of Nepal. It is very popular alcoholic beverage of Nepal.
  • Mohi:
    Mohi is another popular drinking beverage of Nepal rural areas, which is made from milk. People put milk one or two night in the Theki (wood pot) which change to yogurt and yogurt is fermented by hand. They mix water before fermentation of yogurt. This is one of the fermented drinks of Nepal. Villagers after they work in their farm, in the time of thirst drink Mohi. They also welcome their guest by giving Mohi in their house.