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Best time to visit Mustang Nepal(Latest update 2023)

Best time to visit Mustang Nepal(Latest update 2023)

Best time to visit Mustang Nepal(Latest update 2023)


Best time to visit mustang Nepal is from March to November. But Why? You will know at last. Stay tuned.

One of Nepal’s rare and historic destinations is Mustang. Hence, there are now significantly more tourists visiting Mustang. Nowadays, climbing Upper Mustang has gained as much popularity as climbing Everest and Annapurna.

Nepal is a popular destination for trekkers from around the world who want to experience Mustang. Mustang is a favorite destination for local trekkers as well.

Mustang is best known for apple farming and historical monuments such as ancient caves, monasteries, and forts built in various architectural styles. Upper and Lower Mustang are the two sections. Upper Mustang was previously a restricted area that was opened to foreign trekkers in 1992. Lower Mustang, on the other hand, is a remote village known for its orchards, rhododendron, and apples.

Mustang is located in the Annapurna and Dhawalagiri rain shadow region. Your trek to Mustang will come true, from seeing the breathtaking mountain ranges to getting a taste of the local way of life. If you read the Best time to visit mustang Nepal.

Trip Highlights of Mustang:

1. Trekking in Upper Mustang

2. Visit Lo Manthang

3. Visit to Muktinath

4. Exploration of the Caves

5. Celebrate Tiji Festival

6. The Kali Gandaki Gorge is the deepest in the world.

7. Exploring Tibetan Buddhist culture, including monasteries, prayer flags, and chortens.

Weather in Mustang

Before choosing the Best time to visit mustang Nepal. Based on the Nepali season, Mustang receives several types of weather. There are four different seasons: spring, summer, winter, and fall. According to these seasons, Mustang’s climate and temperature change. The Best time to visit mustang Nepal is from March to November.

weather in mustang

During this time, the weather is dry and the skies are clear, providing a great view of the Himalayan mountain range. The temperature is also mild and comfortable, making it perfect for trekking and other outdoor activities. However, the peak season is from October to November, which is the best time to visit mustang for trekking. Your trip will be great and memorable if the weather and temperature in Mustang are favorable. Hence, before you leave on your journey, it’s important to verify the local weather.

Let’s go into more information about the best time to visit mustang in each season.

Best time to visit mustang Nepal is Autumn (September, November, October)

One of the best seasons to travel to Mustang Nepal is autumn. The best time to visit mustang Nepal is in the autumn. On Mustang, autumn weather is often dry and cold. Throughout the paths, you can see a variety of mountains, including Mount Annapurna, Mount Dhawalagiri, Mount Nilgiri, and many others because the skies are clearer.

The Lower and Upper Mustang have a temperature range of 12 to 20 degrees. Trekking is very possible at this temperature. If you travel to Nepal in the autumn, your Upper Mustang trip will be less difficult.

If you intend to trek to Mustang during the autumn, when it is most popular for trekking, it is also essential to pre-book your flights and lodging.

Upper Mustang Trek in Spring (March, April, and May)

In Nepal, the months of March, April, and May mark the start of spring. It is the second-best time of year to go trekking or mountain climbing. In Mustang, spring provides a suitable condition for trekking. This time of year, when Mustang is at its most beautiful, will make your trip truly unforgettable. Tiji festival, one of Upper Mustang’s most well-known celebrations, takes place in May and lasts for three days.

At the Chode Monastery, a variety of ceremonies and folk dances are present throughout this event. If you travel to Mustang in May, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Tiji Festival.

The beginning of spring is when new plants grow and bloom. When you make the trek to Mustang, you will be surround by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. Mustang experiences temperatures between 16 and 20 degrees this time of year, which are just right for hiking without being unbearably cold or hot. It is a good idea to check the weather forecast before setting out on a springtime trek to the Upper Mustang. You could expect some rain in the Mustang region in late May.

Upper Mustang Trek in Summer (June, July, August)

Summer is typically associate with heavy rainfall and a hot climate. Most of Nepal experiences heavy rainfall during this time, resulting in fewer trekkers. However, Upper Mustang does not receive rainfall during the summer. Summer is one of the Best time to visit mustang Nepal. The days are longer and the sky is clearer. During the summer, the temperature in Mustang ranges from 13 to 20 degrees Celsius, makes it ideal for trekking.

During the summer, however, you may meet wet rainfall in Lower Mustang, making your trails muddy and slippery. But don’t be concerned. Mustang’s natural beauty is even more stunning after a light rain. This is the best time to see the flora and fauna. However, before you go trekking, make sure to check the weather forecast. You should also expect some flight delays due to the heavy rain.

Upper Mustang Trek in Winter (December, February, January)

Winter season is also the best time to visit mustang. Mustang’s winter is one of the coldest of the year. As a result, many trekkers prefer summer, spring, and autumn for Mustang trekking over winter. During the winter, the temperature of the Upper Mustang drops to minus. During the winter, the trekking trails are cover in snow.

Because of the extreme cold, many Mustang residents descend to a lower elevation during this season. You might not have to face any difficulties while trekking to Lower Mustang right now. However, the Upper Mustang trek may be difficult.

If you enjoy the quietness and challenging treks, you should definitely trek to Mustang during the winter season. This trek can be complete in any season with the proper trekking equipment.

Some Places to visit Mustang:

1. Lo Manthang: This is the capital of the Mustang district and home to the royal palace of the former King of Mustang. The city is surround by a 6-meter high wall and offers a glimpse into the region’s ancient culture and traditions.

2. Upper Mustang Trek: This trek takes you through the breathtaking landscape of Mustang, including the Kali Gandaki River, the ancient city of Lo Manthang, and the stunning red cliffs of Chusang.

3. Muktinath Temple: This is an important pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists, located at an altitude of 3,710 meters. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is considered one of the 108 Divya Desams (holy abodes) of Lord Vishnu.

4. Jomsom: This is a popular starting point for treks into the Mustang region and is also home to a small airport. The town is located on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River and offers stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan mountains.

5. Kagbeni: This is a small village located at the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Jhong Rivers. The village is home to an ancient fortress and offers a glimpse into the unique culture and traditions of the Mustang region.

6. Ghami: This is another ancient village in Mustang, known for its red cliffs and unique architecture. The village is located on the eastern side of the Mustang district and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

7. Dhaulagiri Icefall: This is a breathtaking icefall located on the Dhaulagiri mountain range in Mustang. The icefall is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and is a popular destination for mountaineers and trekkers.

What to Expect When You Visit

When planning your trip to Mustang, Nepal, it is important to know what you can expect when you arrive. The region is incredibly remote and sparsely populated, so it is important to be prepared for a unique and adventurous experience.

best time to visit mustang

The most prominent feature of Mustang is the spectacular landscapes of rocky hills and high valleys, which can make for an unforgettable trekking experience. The region is known for its sweeping views, fascinating culture, ancient monasteries, and abundant wildlife. During your trip, you may have the opportunity to witness traditional villages, nomadic settlements, or wild yak herds.

As Mustang is located in the Himalayan Mountains, temperatures can be quite cold. In the winter, temperatures range from 4°C (40°F) to -14°C (7°F). During the summer months, it is much warmer and temperatures can range from 10°C (50°F) to 25°C (77°F). There is also a large amount of sunshine in Mustang due to its location in the rain shadow of the Himalayas.

It is important to be aware that Mustang is located in a fairly inaccessible part of Nepal. This means that services such as electricity, running water, and telecommunications are not widely available. It is also important to note that some areas are restricted due to cultural sensitivity and religious practices.

Visitors to Mustang should be prepared for a unique and culturally immersive experience. You should be sure to bring appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and hats to protect yourself from the sun, as well as supplies including food, water, and any necessary medications. Additionally, it is important to be aware of local customs and etiquette before you arrive.

Some Extra Tips on Upper Mustang Trek

1. The highest point of the Mustang trek is 4230 meters. However, due to the arid air of Upper Mustang, the altitude may appear higher.

2. Separate treks to the two regions are available: treks to Jomsom and treks to Upper Mustang. You can also do a trek that includes both regions.

3. Lower Mustang is best visited in the spring, autumn, and winter. Upper Mustang has three seasons: spring, summer, and autumn.

4. The weather in Pokhara and Kathmandu is also important for Mustang treks. Mustang treks can be reached from Pokhara via flight or road transportation.

5. The Best time to visit mustang Nepal in the spring is April. You can enjoy nature in all its glory while sharing the energy and enthusiasm of other climbers and trekkers.

6. In the summer, June is the best time to visit mustang. The monsoon has yet to arrive. Until mid-June, you can enjoy clear skies and dry trails.

7. Lower and Upper Mustang Treks are best done in early September and November to avoid crowds and peak season weather.

8. Treks to Mustang in early December are ideal for winter. The temperatures are not as low, and all of Mustang’s facilities are available to you.

Final Words:

One of the most stunning destinations in Nepal to visit, Mustang will leave you with a lifetime of memories and the beauty of nature. Because Mustang’s beauty is constant throughout the year, you can visit at any time. The optimal time of year to travel to Mustang, however, may need to be considered in the case of trekking.

Whatever you hear, make your own decisions about the Best time to visit mustang Nepal. According to the seasons they are most likely to appreciate, comfort varies from person to person. Every season of the year is suitable for a Mustang Trek and is doable.

Nonetheless, spring and autumn are the busiest times of the year. Each of them offers something beautiful and distinctive. You are invited to explore the splendor of this wild location. There is, after all, a generalized sense of the optimum time to visit Mustang Nepal. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about Mustang treks or treks anyplace else in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty


Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty  is known as moderate difficulty treks. This trek is a remarkable adventure for explorers because it offers spectacular views of mountains, breathtaking scenery. It has a massive culture that has remained unchanged by modernization.

The trek takes you to the Trans-Himalayan region. The trek to Upper Mustang provides an exciting itinerary that includes spectacular trekking through the remarkable desert with colorful rock formations, deep ravines, and snow-capped peaks all around you.

The trail is a mix of roadway and unpaved paths that sometimes cross small rivers. Overall, the journey follows a rolling hills path.  Even though it is a simple path, the difficulty factors of Upper Mustang Trek remain because it is located  at a high altitude.

Hence, we will highlight the Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty  in this blog and explain how to avoid those troubles while on the journey.

Upper Mustang Trek Highlights:

Upper Mustang Trek takes you to the mysterious former kingdom of Mustang in northwestern Nepal’s remote trans-Himalayan landscape. This easy to moderate trek is best known for its rich history, culture, incredible mountain views, and dramatic landscape, which is similar to Tibet to the north. So, Here are some Upper Mustang Trek highlights:

1. Travel to the Mustang region’s unique moderately deserted landscape.

2. Investigate the way of life of the ethnic Thakali and Tibetan Buddhists who live in the villages of Mustang and Upper Mustang.

3. Visit the Tsarang Goenpa Monastery, which dates back 500 years.

4. Muktinath is a holy Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site.

5. During the month of May, you can observe the annual Tiji festival in Lo Manthang.

5. Cross the high Pa Pass at a height of 4,210m/13,517ft.

6. Witness the medieval caves sculptured into the high cliffs by the early settlers of the Kali Gandaki Valley.

7. Along the trail, there are views of the highest 7,000m and above mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri.

8. Hiking through caves, monasteries, gompas, Chortens, and rock paintings.

Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Detail

It is crucial to understand the Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty  and trek before visiting the Lowa nomad’s the kingdom of mustang Nepal. The highest elevation gained during the upper mustang trip is approximately 3850 meters/12631 feet. It falls into the category of medium risk trekking, which is suitable for everyone. This trip will stay with you forever. Anyone with basic fitness can overcome Nepal’s incredible upper Mustang region.

Although this journey is significant historically, culturally, environmentally, and religiously, it also presents some challenges. The factors that influence the trek’s difficulty are discussed.

Upper Mustang Trek Glimpse

Distance: About 127 kilometers/ 79 Miles

Duration : 14 Days – 18 Days

Altitude: 3850 Lo Manthang Nepal

Cost: from 1875 to 3250 dollars

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Altitude Sickness

The high altitude is one of the most Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty . The Upper Mustang, on the other hand, is located below 4000m, making the trek easier than other high-altitude treks. The trek’s highest point is 3800m at Lo Manthang. Despite its moderate altitude, the journey to Mustang is difficult. Altitude sickness is a problem that can be caused by altitude.

Above an altitude of 2500m, altitude sickness can occur. The higher the altitude, the lower the level of oxygen, making breathing difficult.

Altitude Sickness

However, even if you experience symptoms of altitude sickness in the upper Mustang, they are not severe or complicated. You may experience nausea and mild headaches as well as other symptoms. Because of the new environment, where the amount of air is relatively low, it could happen to anyone of any age. 

Remember that there is no specific treatment for altitude sickness. The best approach is to take preventive measures such as:

1. Trekkers should practice acclimatization techniques at higher altitudes.

2. Walking at your own speed, taking proper acclimatization days, and staying hydrated may assist you in successfully completing this journey

3. Maintaining mental fortitude

4. Gradually ascend

5. Drink water instead of alcoholic beverages.

6. Set a daily elevation gain limit of 500 m.

7. After every 1000 meters of elevation gain, schedule an acclimatization day.

8. Diamox should be used during rapid ascents if they are unavoidable.

9. A month before the trip, spend two or more nights at an elevation of 2500+ meters.

Walking Time Per Day and Total Trek Duration

The average Upper Mustang trek lasts approximately 17/18 days. During these 17 days, you will walk an average of 6/7 hours per day. This time frame usually includes 2-3 days of acclimatization or rest.

This is a must-have for first-time hikers. The longer duration allows you to become acquainted with the terrain, resulting in a safe and comfortable trek.

Difficulties in Upper Mustang Trek

For experienced hikers and those looking for Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty, the time can be cut down to 12–14 days. Anything less could be harmful to your health. High altitude sickness risks are raised on the 12- to 14-day Upper Mustang journey.

Some hikers might choose to consider climbing nearby lesser peaks and traversing high passes. Among these are the Thorong La Pass (5417 m), Mesokanto La Pass (5315 m), and Marang La on the Annapurna Circuit (4230m).


Remoteness is also part of Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty.

The Upper Mustang journey can now include a stop at a tea house. This means that throughout your walk, you will stay in cozy chambers in tea houses.

The majority of tea establishments offer sanitary rooms that can be shared. However, a single room is also an option for an additional fee. Along the road, you can discover restaurants and bars in several communities.

Remotness in Upper Mustang Trek

Mobile phones are ideal for communication. Wi-Fi is also available in some locations.

However, don’t expect luxurious lodges and hotels. The majority of tea houses offer basic amenities including hot meals, tidy beds, clean bathrooms, and hot bucket showers.

Camping treks can be chosen as an alternative to teahouse treks for those seeking a more difficult walk.


The terrain in Upper Mustang is moderate when compared to the majority of Nepal’s trekking terrains.

The routes are clearly designated for walking. Daily ascents and descents are to be anticipated. The Upper Mustang trail follows the historic trans-Himalayan salt trade route.

Landscape in Upper Mustang

Although it is a moderately flat area, it is not the same as strolling along a smooth city street. You can navigate the trails more easily if you engage in other physical activities as well as trek-specific training.

You can ask your guide to lead you into the off areas if you want an additional Information of Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Level .

Temperature and Climate

Any trek’s difficulty is greatly determined by the weather. Upper Mustang experiences the typical four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

The best time of year to hike Upper Mustang is in the spring. This season, the daytime temperature is often between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius. But at night, the temperature may drop by as much as 6-2 degrees Celsius. 

Tempature and Climate

The Himalayas may be seen in all their glory during this season. 

But if you want to travel in the winter, it will be more difficult. The temperature may drop 0 to 5 degrees during the day and -20 to -25 degrees at night as a result of the significant snowfall. This condition could be difficult.

Therefore, picking the right time of year for the walk will help to reduce the Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Level. 

 So, How to overcome Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty?

Select a favorable season

Like the rest of Nepal, Upper Mustang experiences all four seasons. The weather and temperature vary with each season. The Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Level, is greatly influenced by this.

Throughout the year, trips to Upper Mustang are possible with the correct planning, gear, and Clothing. These times of year feature consistent weather, incredible visibility, and comfortable temperatures. These circumstances guarantee the best trail conditions and the perfect temperature.

favourable season

Therefore, if you don’t care about camping in the cold and only meeting a few other hikers, the winter Upper Mustang trek is for you.

In addition to these, you may take in the stunning sunrises and sunsets. This time of year, you may take advantage of the crystal-clear skies, crisp air, and views of snow-covered mountains. The weather conditions may cause some of the high passes and small peaks to close for the year.

Try to be physically fit

For this walk, you don’t need to be in especially good physical shape. You can complete the Upper Mustang hike comfortably if you can walk for extended periods of time.

Prior hiking experience in hilly and mountainous areas, whether abroad or in Nepal, can be useful.

physically fit

By boosting your stamina, you can lessen fatigue and breathlessness while out on the trail. Your travel will be easier as a result. But before going on any trek, be sure to speak with your doctor. By doing this, you may let your local guide and trekking company know in advance about any medical conditions you may have.

Have Clean Diet 

The Upper Mustang trip lasts for several days. Such trips put a lot of physical strain on your body, which can quickly exhaust your energy. Maintaining a nutritious diet before, during, and after a journey is crucial while going on one.

Make sure you have a hearty breakfast before you set out on the actual hike.

clean diet

Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and protein should all be consumed. Additionally, you ought to hydrate your body by consuming water. Throughout the trip, sip water frequently in tiny amounts. Make sure you consume 125ml of water every 30 minutes.

It’s also a good idea to eat something every two hours while hiking. Put small snacks, portable meals, and lighting in your daypack. Raisins, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, and fresh food are a few examples. For instant energy, you can also consume crackers or granola bars.

So , Having a Clean Diet can reduce Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty.

Hiring Guide or Porter

The Upper Mustang trip is one of Nepal’s restricted region treks. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a registered, licensed local trekking personnel.

Your porter, local guide, or porter-guide could be this. Additionally, you have the option of bringing additional local trekking guides.

Guide and Porter

Each of them has advantages of its own. They can contribute to your having a good and safe time when trekking in Upper Mustang. A guide can give you in-depth knowledge of the area flora, animals, and culture. A guide can also suggest the cutest tea houses for you to stay and eat at. 

Hence, Hiring Guide or Porter can also reduce your Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty.

Choose Suitable Routes

For your Upper Mustang journey, there are a variety of paths to select from.

To reach Upper Mustang quickly and easily, take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. There, you can begin your walk, or you can travel to Kagbeni by bus or jeep. Your actual expedition can begin and end in Kagbeni.

Route map

You hike north from Kagbeni and arrive at Lo Manthang in 4 to 5 days. Between 3200 and 3900 meters, you will cross several small passes. You might choose to return from Lo-Manthang using the same route or another one.

You can select a different route with a strenuous level of difficulty if you’re seeking for a challenge.

Upper Mustang journey via Nar Phu valley, Upper Mustang trek via Upper Dolpo, or Upper Mustang trek with Damodar Kunda walk are a few alternatives for completing this.

Upper Mustang Preparation Tips

1. There are various ways to the Upper Mustang region, ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging. The challenging treks in the mustang region are the Upper Dolpo to Upper mustang journey, the Damodar Kunda walk, and the Upper Mustang Teri La Pass trek via Nar Phu valley.

2. Don’t worry, a routine ascent of the mustang can be accomplished with just minimal physical effort. In order to get to Upper Mustang, hikers must walk for 5 to 6 hours each day. It takes between 12 and 15 days to finish.

3. Tea houses provide good meal and lodging options in many villages along the route. Before embarking on the mustang trip, we suggest you engage in regular physical activity, yoga, and other forms of cardiovascular fitness. Your journey will be simple, cozy, and pleasurable thanks to your training and preparation.

4. Assuming your financial plan and time in Nepal permit, attempt to add an extra little while to your trip’s agenda to guarantee you have sufficient opportunity to adapt and to partake in the excursion without hurrying.

Hopefully, you now understand the  Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Level . If you still have questions, please contact us. We are happy to assist you in creating the optimal mustang trekking plan based on your preferences.

Trail Trek in Upper Mustang

The Upper Mustang walk is unlike any other journey because of its stunning semi-arid scenery and distinct Tibetan traditions. A walk here stresses both breathtaking scenery and cultural exploration. Every path we take and every community we pass through has different priorities. The list of hiking paths in the Upper Mustang is provided below.

1. Kagbeni

2. Tagabe

3. Chhusang

4. Chele

5. Ghaykar

6. Samar

7. Ghami

8. Syangboche

9. Ghiling

10. Tsarang

Kagbeni : 

Certainly, Kagbeni is one of the middle age settlements that sits at the convergence of four significant shipping lanes. It is found where the Jhong and Kali Gandaki waterways meet. Since Kagbeni fills in as the entry to Upper Horse, guests should initially introduce their grants here.

 Kagbeni is a beguiling, environmental town with winding roads, commonplace mud-block homes, and mutual patios where inhabitants gather water. Likewise prominent are the odd “apparition eater” figures and the radiant stupa from the fifteenth 100 years.


Tangbe is an appealing town en route to the upper bronco. This town lies among Kagbeni and Chgusang. Travelers can take a short diversion to Tangbe while heading to or from Chhusang. Sitting on the banks of the strong Kali Gandaki, there are developed fields and apple plantations spread out around it. Additionally, antiquated Chortens, limited cobbled paths, and attractive structures are the significant attractions of this town.


Chhusang is a typical short-term stop for travelers on the return venture from Lo Manthang. Moreover, Chhusang is likewise a famous lunch stop en route to Upper Colt. Associated by the street to Kagbeni, the actual town brings a lot to the table to the guests. Moreover, it has the staggering hued bluffs across the Kali Gandaki that capture everyone’s attention. You can track down a common neighborhood jeep to lo can’t swing from here.


The path follows the street and waterway from Chhusang. Subsequent to crossing a steel span you can see a few old caverns. In addition, the travelers can see the line of ‘windows’ cut out of the precipice face above. From the stream bed, a short steep trip can arrive at the town of Chele. Chele is another appealing town where there are various customary Horse homes, several hotels, and alluring perspectives.


The path follows the street and waterway from Chhusang. Subsequent to crossing a steel span you can see a few old caverns. In addition, the travelers can see the line of ‘windows’ cut out of the precipice face above. From the stream bed, a short steep trip can arrive at the town of Chele. Chele is another appealing town where there are various customary Horse homes, several hotels, and alluring perspectives.


Samar is a little settlement en route to Syangboche with simply a sprinkling of homes and cabins. In excess of a short term visit, Samar is a typical lunch stop. Nonetheless, a few travelers stay for the time being here in the event that it’s helpful for their trip schedule.


At the point when it is tied in with traveling to Upper Colt, Ghami is where one ought to make a pause and investigate more. Dissimilar to different regions, Ghami approaches cabins and nearby homes. You can visit a request wall and brilliant Chortens in the focal point of Ghami. Similarly, beyond the town lies the longest fundamental wall in Colt at 305 m. Past the wall, a pleasant bunch of huge Chortens mixes consistently with the scenery of barbed precipices.


Sayngboche is one more little settlement with a predetermined number of hotels. This town can be a helpful short-term stop for certain travelers, contingent upon your schedule. Likewise, there is a street trail among Samar and Syangboche through Behna La and Yamda La, or a rough terrain trail by means of Chungsi Cavern.


Ghiling is one of the greater towns in the locale. This town is additionally home to a great fifteenth Century cloister. Sitting at the foot of a rough mountain, the town is encircled by rural fields. Ghiling likewise has the offices of cabins and neighborhood homes.


Tsarang is the second-biggest settlement after Lo Manthang in Upper Horse. It was once the capital, the Ruler’s Royal residence actually stands tall. Tsarang actually has the sixteenth century cloister, a focal red structure encompassed by striped walls. Tsarang is a superb spot for travelers to go through a day.

Foods on Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang region is a genuinely far off area of Nepal. Along these lines, the expense of food is for the most part more costly around here than in Kathmandu.

With respect to convenience, Upper mustang Trek  has numerous tea houses and homestays. Consequently, convenience won’t be an issue, you can undoubtedly see it as one. It is just a question of financial plan and the amount you expect to spend.

So, If you have your own budget plan then you have no Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty for you .



There are numerous choices accessible between Kathmandu and Pokhara. There are nearby transports, vacationer transports, everyday flights, and, surprisingly, a confidential jeep. However, from Pokhara to Jomsom, taking a flight can be helpful, this makes your outings significantly simpler.

Last Say

The Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty is Moderate one . Traveling to a remote area is lovely. You may see the best of both the world’s natural beauty and cultural variety here.

One can embark on this adventure and have the experience of a lifetime with some planning and perseverance.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns. It is our pleasure to assist you as best we can.

For Upper Mustang Package.