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Years of excellence
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What Director Says

Welcome to Nepal.

Nepal is known as the world over for its ageless traditions because it has living legends, colorful festivals, magnificent majestic Himalayan ranges, exciting cultural heritage, and diverse flora and fauna. Likewise this beautiful country is widely famous for its rough terrains and challenging treks with exceptional adventure leaders.

Adventure is an important part of everyone’s life. Nothing can compare to coming home at the end of a good holiday and sharing wonderful adventurous stories with friends and family. Having an adventure in the Himalayas is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Not because of real beauty in this land, there is major chance of real excitement. We recommend you a proper adventure leaders for your journey. We wish you a hearty welcome you to the land of Buddha; where our countryside will unfold bewitchingly beautiful views and our people will charm you with their warmth and generosity.

Furthermore we take pride in the fact our staff is highly qualified, professional and friendly. They will provide you with a well organized, enjoyable and successful trek.  We always aim to give all those who travel with us a deeper insight into this land and its people. Mountain club Treks promote solo treks too however getting a guide is always recommended.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that the key to our success is having a reliable and professional trekking crew as well as a highly professional team in the office to make sure everything always smoothly and efficiently.

Adventure Mountain Club has always been pioneer in providing best of the services to the most challenging treks of Nepal. 

B N Dhakal
President & Founder