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Welcome to Himalayan nation of Nepal. Nepal is a country popular as the world over for its ageless traditions, living legends, colorful festivals, magnificent majestic Himalayan ranges, exciting cultural heritage and diverse flour and fauna. Without a doubt, Adventure is an important part of everyone’s life. Nothing can compare to coming home at the end of a good holiday and sharing wonderful adventurous stories. Having an adventures in Nepal is something you will remember for the rest of your life because it is not only the real beauty in this land; there is also chance of real excitement. Adventure Mountain Club heartly welcomes you to this land of Buddha where our countryside will unfold bewitchingly beautiful views and our people will charm you with warmth and generosity.

Nepal is also the country of natural beauties and cultural diversities. The Himalayan Kingdom, Birth place of Lord Buddha, The Mt. Everest, Land of Living Goddess Kumari, Brave and warrior ancestors (Gurkhas). Moreover it is the Birth place of Sita, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tarai, Hilly region and it’s climate are the main attraction of Nepal. Nepal has a lot of natural resources and it is second richest country in water in the world. The top of the world (Everest 8,848m) lies in Himalayan regions of Nepal. Nepal has also another feature of Ethnicity. There are more than 106 local dialects. Nepal is the land of temple and architecture. Foreigners visit Nepal to see natural beauties and cultural diversities.

Home to eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, the kingdom of Nepal draws an estimated 400,000 visitors annually. Landlocked between India and Tibet, Adventures in Nepal contains some of the world’s most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes ranging from the impressive peaks of the Himalayan chain in the north, high-altitude plains and remote mountain passes, sub-tropical forests and national parks, terraced farmland hills and rice paddies, to the fertile plains of the Tarai in the country’s south. The rivers that bisect the ranges contain alpine waters that swell with the summer monsoon rains. Some of Nepal’s most famous rivers offer the best white-water rafting and kayaking experiences in the world.

Much of the land outside the Kathmandu valley are untouched by people. Beyond Nepal’s capital are a series of remote mountain villages throughout the Himalayas. These villages uses traditional farming practices of buffalo-drawn ploughs, hand harvesting and threshing of grains, and corn ground by water mills.

A land of eternal fascination, ancient history, cultural richness and diversity as well as pristine countryside, visitors are captivated not only by its impressive peaks, lush terrain and superb scenery, but also by its holiness and spiritual significance. For many centuries, the Himalayas became popular as the hiding place for ancient sages to meditate. And many famous texts on religion, philosophy, medicine, yoga, literature and mathematics were written there.

For the Nepalese, Nepal is not only the ‘Abode of Snow’, but also the abode of the Gods and Goddesses they worship. Traditional beliefs and rituals are an important part of Nepalese life. Tourists wanting to experience Nepal’s spiritual culture can enjoy the many colorful festivals throughout the year.
To Kalidasa, Nepal is “a northern yardstick to measure the earth”. Lord Vishnu claims that together with Brahma and Shiva, he resides in the earth as the Himalayan Mountains. To most of us, it is also place of unquestionable beauty where one visit is rarely enough.

We look forward to sharing our Nepal with you!

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