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Years of excellence
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About Us

Adventure Mountain Club Treks & Expedition is one of the Best trekking agency in Nepal. Established in 1998, this company has contributed in the field of Nepal Tourism associating with Nepal Trekking, Mountain Expedition, Tour, Jungle Safari Activities, White Water Rafting, Hotel Booking, Sightseeing, and Trekking in Himalayan region of Nepal. This company is recognized by Trekking Agency Association of Nepal, Ministry of Cultural Tourism and Civil Aviation also affiliated with Nepal Tourism Board connecting its approaches with Travel and Trekking agents of Nepal.

Our specialized departments offer a diversity of services. Every department works independently to provide the best service to our customer. Targeting their friendship and long lasting relationship too. So, Customer visit as guest and depart as friend. It is also an award winning travel organization and excels with quality services from its experience staffs. Over the years, the company has receives positive feedbacks from its existing clients hence one can expect cordial correspondents. Our tourism focuses eco-friendly and nature-friendly too.

AMC is reliable trekking agency of Nepal focusing on best travel and trekking services. It is available as well as to advise to you on the suitable itinerary of trekking and tours in Nepal. We commit to give you quality service by providing the expert employees during your time in Nepal. We have numerous clients spending their time in adventure trip and return with exciting story of Himalaya kingdom of Nepal. So AMC is being proud of getting referral from repeated as well as primary clients .

“Once is not enough unless you should explore the Nepal Himalaya yourself”

with Adventure Mountain Club. Our mission is to provide exceptional adventure Himalayan activities at competitive price in Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan. We believe that Nepal Himalayas are the home of travelers so, during your trip time of Nepal, you feel as you are not out of home.

About the team

Mr. B.N. Dhakal
Mr. B.N. Dhakal President & Founder

Mr. B.N. Dhakal is well-known name in Tourism Industry of Nepal. He is an enthusiastic person established his company Adventure Mountain Club Treks & Expedition in 2000 keenly devoted to eco-tourism. He has long contribution in tourism having own tourism administrative center such as Adventure Mountain Club Treks & Expedition, Mountain Club Travel & Tours, Samsara Resort Hotel, and newly building Himalayan Nirvana Resort. He is successively established this company with pioneering concept, providing international level of services with brilliant management.

Elena Gorshkova
Elena GorshkovaDirector of Sales and Marketing

Ms. Elena Gorshkova has a higher education in management and marketing. In tourism since 2001. More than 20 years of experience of work in host travel companies in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan. Guru for the development of individual, group, educational, spiritual tours. All tours are author's and original, the logistics of the tours are based on deep personal experience. Speaks Russian and English. High communication skills, self-responsibility. Elena's creative approach to organizing tours will make your trip unforgettable. Each of our guests rediscovers himself, thanks to the amazing routes in the Himalayas.

Mr. Narayan Khanal
Mr. Narayan KhanalManager

Mr. Narayan was born in remote area of Gorkha district who has finished his master degree in English literature; speaks fluent English & Russian language. He is very excellent Manager of this company having good connection with clients who go trek to different parts of Nepal. He is experienced cultural guide can explain about whole Nepal, such as religion, tradition, customs, people, geography, history and modern aspects of contemporary Nepalese society. He is very friendly to Guides & Porters by motivating different innovative ideas and thoughts. He is very young, energetic and responsive person of Adventure Mountain Club Treks & Expedition.

Mr. Binayak Dhakal
Mr. Binayak DhakalAccountant

Mr. Binayak has finished his Bachelor degree from Kathmandu Model College; working as Accountant in this company since five years. He is very responsible and believable person in financial aspects as well as bank details having strong dedication and enthusiasm. He knows about detriment and benefits of our company. He is very hard worker, young and talkative with friends, smiling with friendly.

Mrs. Renu Dhakal
Mrs. Renu DhakalTravel Planner

Mrs Renu Dhakal was born in Dhading district of Jyamrung Village. She is working in this company since eight years having good skill of planning travel. Due to her travel planning effort, company has gained strong feedback and support not only from clients but also from different Government travel organization. She is believable with punctual in her duty. She believes in hard working having extensive knowledge of tourism segment of Nepal. We are pleased to find such as Travel Planner in our company of Moutain Club.

Mr. Hari Bhatta
Mr. Hari BhattaGuest Relationship Officer

Mr. Hari Bhatta was born in Nuwakot district of Charghar village; working guest relationship officer in this company. His working experience presents the successive and brilliant guest relationship for the company. Due to his good connection with guest; we became able to be foremost trekking agent in Nepal Tourism Agency. He is very hard worker, punctuality and friendly made him successful in duty and responsibility.

Mr. Basu Dhakal
Mr. Basu DhakalTrekking Guide

Mr. Basu Dhakal is senior Trekking Guide in our company. He is working since Ten years with strong effort to provide best service to our clients. He is very friendly with trekkers and always keeps smiling that made him good guide. He is very punctual in his work and never tired to walk in High Mountain. He has been 80 times up and down in Everest Base Camp Trek and many times in other trekking trails of Annapurna, Langtang, Dhaulagiri, and Kanchenjunga. He believes in his duty and responsibility. So we are happy to get such a good Guide Basu.

Mr. Moti Khanal
Mr. Moti KhanalTrekking Guide

Mr. Moti was born in remote area in Arupokhari village of Gorkha District. Moti his name symbolizes Gold; really we are very happy to get such a good Guide Moti like Gold. He is working in this company since eight years with his wonderful services and extensive experiences. He is very honest to handle the guest and group having knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. We have his positive comments and feedbacks written by trekkers. He has finished his Bachelor Degree in commerce from Public Youth Campus.

Mr. Ang Dawa Sherpa
Mr. Ang Dawa SherpaTrekking Guide

Mr. Sherpa was born in Everest region of solukhumbu district having 20 years experience during trekking filed. He has long services not only in high mountain of Nepal but also in north part of India, Bhutan & Tibet. He has very fluent English having additional knowledge of Buddhism. He says “I will very happy when I walk in high elevation rather low altitude.” Everybody tell him “Sardar”/Leader due to his long experience and ability to control group during trekking.

Why AMC?

  • Adventure Mountain Club Treks & Expedition is foremost trekking agency of Nepal established in 1998 have achieved many travel awards not only from Nepal Government but also from international organizations.
  • AMC is reliable and trusted company of Nepal; focusing on private safety of travelers also keeps financial protection and responsible tourism.
  • AMC is authorized by the Nepal Government Tourism and civil Aviation, Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, Company Registration administrative center, Nepal National Bank, office of Tax and vat.
  • AMC is affiliated with prestigious institutions such as Nepal Association for Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), and Thamel tourism Development.
  • We focus in personal attention; whether traveling alone or with a group. We and our team take care of you. We give first priority to our clients day by day by phoning to our guides. We always care for you because Nepal is the home of traveler.
  • Our first attention is to keep constant communication with our colleagues and prepared to intervene with assistance, itinerary or travel. We always advise you on purchasing travel insurance policies including those that cover emergency medical evacuation.
  • If you are travelling independent, do not worry we make your travel well planned and secure.
  • We have efficiency and friendly service where our expert team takes pride in their responsive approach to plan your holiday in Nepal.
  • After a decade in trekking filed of Nepal, we have developed a deep knowledge and formed relationships with most impressive expert in their fields. We pride ourselves on being able to appreciate your suggestion and comment so that you can trust easily.
  • Book your programme with confidence where AMC’s guaranteed departures take the guesswork out of planning you adventure give you peace of mind to book the trek that suits you.
  • Book your adventure holiday with self-confidence where safeguarding your adventure holiday is important to us. So your adventure holiday is secure and fully protected.

Responsible travel

Responsible tourism requires that tour operators, local governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take achievement to make tourism more sustainable. Travel and Tourism is one of the most important industries in the world. It connects more people from one place to another with thousands of families relying on tourism. Being responsible travel, AMC has concerned on social, cultural and individual aspects providing you with an exclusive and personal experience of our sacred mountains, ancient Himalayan culture and its approaches.


  • Adventure Mountain Club Treks and Expedition is responsible trek agency of Nepal conducts all treks, tours and other outdoor adventure and connected activities by avoiding any natural and social disturbance.
  • Adventure Mountain Club Treks and Expedition also focus on socio-cultural responsibility in eco-touristic purpose to protect cultural and natural heritage sites of Nepal.
  • We focus on sustainable policy and performance which helps to ensure authentic knowledge for any travelers.
  • We respect to our Guides, Porters, Sherpas and other employees because they are backbone of organization. We are responsible to provide the necessary security to our employees such as Food, Salary, Insurance, rescue evacuation, accommodation and other essential things during trekking.
  • We spotlight on nature based tourism committed to being transparent and evidence based to increase the benefits of tourism to local people and places.
  • That is why AMC is very responsible to your travel to Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan.


  • Why Trek to Nepal?

Nepal is the land of Himalaya with fourteen high mountains above 8000 meters; among them eight mountains are located in Nepal. Trekkers can experience not only Himalayan beauty but also classical Hindu/Buddhist traditions, customs, history and live picture of Himalayan people. Nepal is the paradise of the world due to its ageless traditions, flora and fauna, gorgeous Himalayan scenery and welcoming people.

  • Easy or difficult to walk in Mountain?

Trekking in Nepal is challenging but not fatiguing. Nepal treks are not easy though there are some easy trails too. But you need sufficient power to hike in High Mountain. Treks below 3000m are easy. But above 3000 meter are challenging and adventurous.

  • How many KM Walk per day?

There is not measured km to walk in mountain rather it is hour. Normally you should walk 5-6 hours per day which will be 10-15 km walk. But in higher part of Himalaya, you walk 4-5 hours per day.

  • Do I need Guide or Not?

It is safe to have guide to walk mountain region of Nepal. Guides are like bodyguards who help you in every critical situation. We recommend you to have license holder trekking guide found in company. Trekkers walk individually in mountain region, but we also have news of missing them. So, we suggest you to have Guide during trekking in Nepal.

  • What temperature should face?

Temperature in mountain region depends on season. The best time to go mountain is March-April-May, Sep-Oct-Nov. Rest of other time will be too cold though will be frozen in high region above 4500m.

  • Where sleep/eat during trek?

During trekking of Nepal Himalaya, there are many tea-houses where you eat and sleep. Some places there are available of luxurious Lodges and some places should share room with others. During busy season, even 4-5 people should share one room too. There are enough menu such as Nepali national food (Dal Bhat) Pasta, Momo, Curry, Noodles, Spaghetti, and pancake, porridge, eggs, potatoes, omelet and tea-coffee.

  • Popular Treks of Nepal?

Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek and Mustang Treks are                     most popular though there are numerous other trekking trails around whole country of Nepal. During trek, Trekkers have the scenery of valleys, peaks, Lakes, Rivers, Forests, Waterfall, and splendid image of Himalyaas.

  • Need Visa to go Nepal?

Tourist Visa of Nepal
For visa requirements, a valid passport and passport size photo with light background is needed. Visa can’t be acquired by Master Card, Visa Card, or Nepalese Money but can obtained Euro, Swiss, Franc, Pound Sterling, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Hongkong Dollars, Singapure Dollars and Japanese Yen.

Visa Ability                              Duration                           Fee

Multiple Entry                        15 Days                               25 USD or equivalent convertible currency

Multiple Entry                         30 Days                              40 USD or equivalent convertible currency

Multiple Entry                         90 Days                              90 USD or equivalent convertible currency

  • Citizens from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan can obtain visa from diplomatic missions in their respective countries. They do not get visa on arrival of immigration entry point of Nepal.

Visa Extensions are available from immigration office of Kathmandu Nepal.